Appendix 14: Enrolling devices for MDM in AirWatch

Appendix 14: Enrolling devices for MDM in AirWatch

Appendix 14: Enrolling devices for MDM in AirWatch

You can enroll Android, Apple, QNX, Chrome OS and Windows OS devices in AirWatch.

Following are the steps to Setup Mobile Devices,

Setup Apple MDM

This section is specific  for MDM (Mobile Device Management) setup for Apple Devices.  Follwing are the steps to setup Apple MDM,

  1. Navigate to the Getting Started menu. 

  1. Click Continue next to Mobile Device Management.

  1. If you wish to enroll an Apple Device complete Apple MDM and Apple Certificate Setup as shown against  icon below. 

Apple device Setup is wizard based, where you need to perform the following steps,

  1. Make sure you have Safari, Firefox or Chrome browser. Internet Explorer is not supported.
  2. The first step of the wizard is - Download certificate signing request from AirWatch Administrator console (MDM_APNsRequest.plist).
  3. Login to Apple Certificate Portal using your Apple ID, select “Generate Certificate” and upload the previously downloaded file to the Apple Push Certificate Portal.
  4. Download the APNs certificate file (*.pem) provided by Apple and upload it here. 

  1. You can see that Apple MDM step is incomplete. If you will be using Workspace ONE UEM(AirWatch) to manage Apple devices click Yes button. For devices other than Apple you need not perform this step.  

  1. The following screen shot shows that Yes has been selected.

  1. Once you click Yes above you get a popup as shown below. Click Yes to navigate to Apple Push Notification(APN) setup.

  1. Click on the link to download Certificate Request (MDM_APNsRequest.plist)

  1. Click Continue. 

  1. Provide your Corporate Apple ID. Click on Apple Push Certificates Portal.

  1. Sign In to Apple Push Certificates Portal.

  1. Enter the Verification Code shown on your trusted Apple device.

  1. Click to Save your MDM_ AirWatch_Certificate.

  1. Browse a file path to save MDM_AirWatch_Certificate. 

  1. You have successfully created a new push certificate Confirmation screen appears.

  1. Go back to Workspace ONE UEM on the third step upload the Apple Certificate.


  1. Go back to Workspace ONE UEM.  On the third step upload the Apple Certificate.

  1. Apple issued certificate is successfully uploaded to Workspace ONE UEM MDM. 

  1. Apple MDM step is now complete.

  1. You may Skip or configure Email Domain. In this case we have skipped configuring email domain.

Enroll Users

This section explains steps to enroll users for all devices.

  1. Next you can enroll users. 

  1. Provide the general user information. 

  1. Provide Advanced Information. 

  1. Enroll Device for the newly enrolled user. 

  1. For User is enrolled.

  1. For devices other than Apple you need not perform this step.
  2. Go to the Enroll section and Add User. Add user to a Custom User Group. During this process you add a user and a Message sent to the user with enrollment instructions.
  3. The next step is to complete Enroll Device as shown below.

  1. Enrollment user receives email for Device Activation.

Enroll Device

This section explains steps to enroll devices.

  1. To enroll a device you first need to download Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub (AirWatch MDM Agent) on your device
  2. Open the email sent to you above and follow the instructions to enroll your device.
  3. Scan QR code or provide User/password. In case of Android device it is checked that the user should be assigned to a custom user group.
  4. You are redirected to the server URL.
  5. Profile will be downloaded.
  6. Install the profile.
  7. Create a passcode.
  8. You can see the screen downloading configuration profile.
  9. You now enter Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub using credentials sent on an email.
  10. You may receive another email to reset your enrolled user password. Please reset your password.
  11. You can now view Apps and Notifications on your mobile device.

Device Dashboard

  1. You can now view your devices on the Device Dashboard. You can also start using Intelligent Hub and see Enterprise Applications as per roles assigned to the Custom User Group. 

  1. You can now start using the AirWatch Plugin steps.

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