08 Artifacts

08 Artifacts


Artifacts menu provides the facility to upload and manage artifacts (e.g. Process Studio zip file) to AutomationEdge sever. In upcoming releases, we may have more options to manage a variety of artifacts.

Upload Artifact

Following are the steps to upload artifacts,

  1. Navigate to the Artifacts menu. Click the upload button.

Figure 8l: Upload Artifact

  1. The New Artifact pop-up appears as below.

Figure 8m: New Artifact popup

  1. The fields are explained in the table below.

Table: Artifact Configurations





Artifact Name

Specify the name of the artifact to be uploaded.



Specify the artifact type. The default value for Type is FILES for now.



Specify the artifact version to upload.



Click ‘Choose File’ button to browse the artifact. 

  1. We will showcase a sample to upload Process Studio zip artifact in a following section - Upload Artifact: Process Studio 

Artifacts – Actions

The following are the steps to perform actions on uploaded artifacts,

  1. Navigate to the Artifacts menu. It lists the uploaded artifacts. 
  2. The Actions column has options for Edit and Delete on uploaded artifacts as visible in the screenshot below. The actions are described in the table below.

Figure 8n: Uploaded Artifacts List

Table: Artifacts - Actions



Edit ()

Click on edit icon to edit/update the artifact.

Delete ()

Click on delete icon to delete the artifact.

Manage Artifact: Process Studio

In this section we will discuss upload and update of Process Studio zip artifact.

Upload Artifact: Process Studio

Note: System Administrators are required to upload Process Studio zip artifact, as an AutomationEdge Post-Installation tasks so that it is available for download from the Process Studio menu on AutomationEdge UI.

In this section, we will showcase the steps to upload the artifact - Process Studio zip.


Get Process Studio zip in one of the following ways,

  1. on AutomationEdge EPD (Electronic Product Distribution)for download or
  2. under AE Installation directory if installed using AutomationEdge installer.

Following are the steps to upload Process Studio zip,

  1. Provide the details in the New Artifact pop-up as follows.
    1. The artifact name as - Process Studio (this is case sensitive)
    2. Process Studio version to upload. The version should be compliant with AutomationEdge supported framework versions.
  1. Click Upload.

Figure 8o: Upload Artifact – Process Studio

  1. Artifact uploaded successfully message appears, and the newly uploaded Process Studio is now visible as seen below. 

Figure 8p: Process Studio uploaded 

Update Artifact: Process Studio

Process Studio artifact can be updated as discussed in section Artifacts – Actions. 

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