04 Tenants

04 Tenants


AutomationEdge is a multitenant system, which can host automation service for multiple tenants (customers) on one server. Users, workflows, and other objects created for one tenant are not visible to another tenant. If AutomationEdge is hosted at customer’s premise only one tenant will be created.

TenantsAdd New

To add a new tenant:

  1. Click Tenants menu. 
  2. Click Add New button on top right corner.

Figure 5a: Adding New Tenant

  1. A Tenant Details & License Details window appears as below.

Figure 5b: Tenant Details Screen

  1. Enter field values. A description of field values is provided in the table below. 

Table 3“+Add New Tenant”: Tenant Details Field/Button Descriptions

Field Name


Tenant Details:

Tenant Name

Specify tenant name. This field is Mandatory.


Provide a description of the Tenant.

Organization Code

Specify unique organization code to a tenant. This field is Mandatory

Create button

Click to create new tenant.

Cancel button

Click to cancel tenant creation.

  1. Click Create.

Figure 5cEnter Tenant Details

  1. Tenant created successfully message is displayed.

Figure 5d: Tenant Creation success message

  1. This completes the process of adding a new Tenant.


To search the tenants:

  1. Click Tenants. A table of all Tenant Users is visible. 
  2. Filter the list of Tenant Users by searching for the specific tenants by entering a search string value in the Search Tenants text box.  

Figure 5e: Searching Tenants

Table 4: Tenant List Column Description

Field Name


Tenant Name

Displays tenant username.

Org Code

Displays tenant user username.


Displays a description of the Tenant.

Created Date

Displays user creation date.

License Status

Displays the license status. If the license status is Valid click on valid to see the license details.



Click Edit to edit Tenant Description

Tenants: Advanced Search

The following are steps for Advanced on Tenants.

  1. Click Advanced Search. Use advanced search options to find a specific Tenant

Figure 5f: Searching Tenants

  1. Enable checkbox next to one or more advanced search criteria and select a value from the drop down list. Click Search.  

Figure 5gAdvanced Search for Tenants

  1. Select a comparator from the drop down list.

Figure 5hSelect Comparator for name

  1. Provide a value for comparison. Click Add filter.

Figure 5iValue for comparison

  1. The filter criteria (Name=Tenant1) is added as seen below. And the list of Tenants is filtered. 

Figure 5jFilter created

  1. You may add more filter criteria that will keep adding to the list. You may also Clear Filters by clicking on the Clear Filters link seen in red above.

Advanced search option Comparators for Tenants are explained below. They are available for Name, Org Code and Created. The drop down values for these search options are explained below.

Table 5: Advanced Search Options by Name

Advanced Search by name(Name, Org Code):

Dropdown Field


Equal To

To search entries matching to the entered text.

Not Equal To

To search entries not matching to the entered text.


To search tenant name containing the entered text.

Begins With

To search tenant name that begins with the entered text.

Ends With

To search tenant name that ends with the entered text.

Table 6: Advanced Search Options by Date

Advanced Search by date(for Created)

Dropdown Field


Exact Date

To search entries by the exact entered date.


To search entries before the entered date.


To search entries after the entered date.

In Between 

To search entries in between the entered dates.

Not In Between

To search entries not in between the entered dates.

Tenants: Edit

Tenants other than the out of the box Tenant ‘System Admin Tenant’ (org code SYSADMIN) can be edited. Only Description can be edited,

  1. Click edit icon (next to the Tenant you wish to edit.

Figure 5kTenant View

  1. Edit Description as desired. Click Update.

Figure 5lTenant Details

  1. Tenant updated successfully message displays as seen below. 

Figure 5mTenant updated success message

Tenants: Delete

There is no option to delete a Tenant. 

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