03 Getting Started

03 Getting Started

Getting Started

Logito AutomationEdge

To login to the AutomationEdge:

  1. Go to the AutomationEdge URL. 
  2. Enter the username and Password (Figure 1).

The Password should be alphanumeric. It should be a combination of lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numerals, and special characters. The minimum password length recommended is about 6 characters (Refer section System Administrator: Password Policy below) 

Figure 1a: Login Screen

  1. Click Sign in. Figure 1b: Login Screen Sign In

System Administrator: Password Policy

A System Administrator’s password must adhere to policies as shown in the screen shot below.

A System Administrator cannot use the previous 1 password whether resetting password from System Administrator login or from forgot password screens

Change Password on First Login

When user’s login for the first time the Change Password screen appears. Following, are the steps.

  1. The user is forced to change the password on first login. The Change Password screen is shown below. 

Figure 1c: Change Password

Provide Old Password as well as New Password and Confirm Password as shown below. The new password must adhere to the password policy (Refer section System Administrator: Password Policy)

  1. Click Change to confirm the new password. 

Figure 1d: Confirm New Password

  1. Upon Change the login screen is displayed again as shown below. Enter the username and New Password and click Sign In.

Figure 1e: Sign In with changed credentials

  1. Upon Sign in the Set Security Questions page is displayed. It also displays a warning message; Security Questions are not set by you. You may set questions and Save or Skip.    

Figure 1f: Set Security Questions

Set Security Questions

Set the three Security Questions as shown below.

  1. Choose from the set of questions as listed below. Select a question and provide an answer. Repeat this for the three questions. 

Figure 1g: Choose from a list of Security Questions

  1. A sample list of questions and answers is chosen below. Click Save or Skip. 

Figure 1h: Choose Security questions and answers

  1. If Save is clicked a Security questions set successfully message is displayed as shown below on the Tenant menu.

Figure 1i: Security Questions saved message

  1. If Skip is clicked Security questions are not set and it takes you to the Tenant menu as shown below.   

Figure 1j: Successful login and navigation to Tenant menu

Forgot Password

System Administrator users have the facility to reset password using Forgot Password. The password can be reset based on Security questions set. 

Forgot password can also be used to reset password in the following scenarios, 

  1. in case of Forgot password
  2. for Security reasons.

Following, are the steps to reset forgot password.

  1. A Forgot Password link is visible on the login page. Click on the link.

Figure 2a: Forgot Password link

  1. A screen is displayed as shown below. Provide the username of a System Administrator user whose password is to be reset. Click Submit button.

Figure 2b: Enter Username 

  1. Enter the System Administrator username for which password is to be retrieved.  

Figure 2c: Username Sysadmin

  1. A screen displayed with the security questions that were set for the System Administrator user.  

Figure 2d: Security Questions

  1. Provide answers for all the three questions as shown below. Click Submit. 

Figure 2e: All Security Question Answers

  1. If case invalid answers are provided a popup message appears showing Invalid Security Answer. 

Figure 2f: Invalid Security Answer

  1. If valid answers are provided a screen to reset your password is displayed.

Figure 2g: Reset Password

  1. If password does not comply to the System Administrator password policy, the password policy is displayed. 

Figure 2h: Password mismatch

  1. Provide the New Password and Confirm Password. If passwords do not match it gives an error, Passwords Mismatch. 


Figure 2i: Confirm New Password

  1. If you provide the same password as your last password you get an error message, you cannot use the old password as shown below. 


Figure 2j: Error on using old password

  1. On providing a password that meets the password policies the password is set and Password set successfully message is displayed. 

Figure 2k: Password Set Successfully

  1. In case Security questions are not yet set by the user a Failure message is displayed, Security questions are not set by you. 

Figure 2l: Error if security questions are not set

  1. If a user other than System Administrator tries to use Forgot Password functionality a Failure message as shown below is displayed.

Figure 2m: Others users cannot use forgot password feature

Home Screen

After logging on to AutomationEdge, following screen appears (Figure 4). 

Refer Table 2 to for a description of Home UI. 

  Toggle for Navigation Menu |

Figure 3a: Home Screen for System Administrator

Click toggle to get the collapse menu on the Home Page and see the full page view. The toggle can be used to expand or collapse the menu view.

AutomationEdge UI has a responsive deign and it adapts to screen size and orientation on different devices. Alternatively, you may reduce the size of you page. Having a responsive UI design, it hides the menu and displays the page in full view.

Figure 3b: Home Screen for System Administrator with expanded Navigator

Table 2Home Screen UI summary description




Login Details Icon

AutomationEdge SystemAdmin

To view login details, profile, change password and log out from AE.


Search Menu

To search menu and sub menu items

Navigation Menu


To add, edit tenant details.

Users: System Administrators

To add system administrators. 

Users: Tenant Users

To add new users, and assign roles to the tenant users (tenant admin/tenant user)

Logs: Audit Logs

To add a new adapter and assign an adapter to a tenant.

Plugins: Plugins

To do a simple or advanced search for plugins.

To upload new plugins or update plugins.

Plugins: Plugins Assignments

To assign a single or multiple plugins to multiple or a single Tenant.

Purging: Purge Policy

To create a Purge Policy in months.

Purging: purge Schedule

To create a Purge Schedule by day of week or day of month.

Integration: Services

To create Integration Services. 

Integration: Types

To create Integration type

Settings: System Settings

To add the Server URL. The server URL is used by the AE agents for connecting to server.

Settings: SMTP

To setup SMTP server for emails

Settings: Sysadmin Policy

To set number of attempts and Password policy

Settings: Security Questions

To set sysadmin security questions

Login Details

A user icon along with username is visible on the bottom left corner of the expanded menu. On clicking the user icon, you can view the last login time and the logged in username as well as other options as seen in the screenshot below. The options are listed and explained in the sections below. 

Figure 4a: Click User Icon to Login details

View Profile

On clicking View Profile, you can see user details as seen below

The Organization Code refers to the Tenant. 

Figure 4b: View Profile


On clicking about you can see  

  1. UI Version,
  2. Server Version
  3. Process Studio Framework Version
  4. Supported Process Studio Frameworks Version as seen in the screenshot below.

Figure 4c: About AutomationEdge

Change Password

On the first login, the user will be requested to change the password if “Force Change Password” is enabled during user creation or updation.

Other than first login following is the process to reset the password,

  1. Click the User Icon on the top right corner of the Home screen (Figure 2).
  2. Select Change Password.

Figure 4d: Change Password Screen

  1. Enter the Old Password (Figure 3).
  2. Enter the New Password. Re-enter the new password in Confirm Password field.
  3. Click Change Password

Figure 4e: Resetting Password

  1. Password is successfully updated and you are taken back to page you were on when you started Change Password. 

Figure 4f: Password updated successfully

  1. If you retry to set the New Password to the previous password it shows a failure message ‘Your new password must be different from your previous password’ as seen below. 

Figure 4g: Previous password not allowed

Sign Out

To log out from the AE:

  1. Click the User Icon on the bottom left corner of the Home screen
  2. Click Sign-Out (Figure 5). 


Figure 4h: Logging Out

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