02 AutomationEdge Post

02 AutomationEdge Post

AutomationEdge Post-Installation tasks

Perform the following AutomationEdge Post-Installation tasks.

  1. Login as a System Administrator (sysadmin). Refer Login to AutomationEdge

Change your password for security reasons as discussed in sections 

      1. Change Password on First Login or Forgot Password if it is not the first login. 

2. Set Security Questions - Refer section Set Security Questions.

Perform the following setup steps by referring the respective sections in this guide, 

      1. Server URL - Refer section Setup Server URL and Cleanup Requests

      2. Cleanup Requests - Refer section Setup Server URL and Cleanup Requests

      3. Sysadmin Policy -  Refer section Sysadmin Policy

      4. Upload Process Studio zip as an artifact. Refer section Upload Artifact: Process Studio 

      5. Upload Plugins in Plugin distribution and Assign to Tenant. Refer section Plugin Upload

      6. Create a new Tenant. Refer section Tenants: Add New 

      7. Create a new user with Tenant Administrator role. Refer section Tenant Users: Add new User

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